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We all have hit some sort of rock bottom at some point in our lives, whether it be mental, physical, financial or emotional. Regardless of what the circumstances are when you do get to that point, you feel like giving up.

All to often you hear stories of people who have just been beaten down by society and feel trapped inside of their own bodies. There are a lot of factors that can effect your body. They range from birthing children, age, lifestyle, health conditions and even genetics. Whether it be an issue someone has with themselves that is very small or very large, there is now a solution to their problem.

MyShape Lipo is located in the Las Vegas Valley of Nevada, about 20 minutes from the famous Las Vegas strip. Not only do they have affordable prices, but they also have a credible and experienced Liposuction Specialist, Trevor Schmidt PA-C, and an educated, friendly staff. Their goal at MyShape Lipo is to make sure their patients feel comfortable and well-informed about their procedure, so they are confident that they have chosen the right facility for them.

MyShape Lipo specializes in Liposuction and Fat Transfers procedures to both the buttocks or the breasts. Not only can they decrease size in areas where there is unwanted fat and volume, but also naturally enhance the breast or buttocks area where the patient may feel they are lacking the shape they would like.

A majority of the facilities where these types of procedures are performed, do an array of different services for their patients so they do not specialize in any certain procedure. At MyShape Lipo, Liposuction and Fat Transfers, along with Laser-Assisted Skin Tightening or Cellulite Reduction Treatments, are the only procedures performed. This focus allows Trevor Schmidt to truly specialize in his procedures, making him an expert in his field.

In addition to Liposuction and Fat Transfer procedures, there are the two add-on services that some patients also chose to have to maximize their results. MyShape Lipo offers the SmartLipo Laser for skin tightening, as well as Laser Cellulite Treatments. These two procedures can be done on there own without Liposuction for the patient that does not have extra fat in an area, but simply wants to help make the area of concern more youthful looking in appearance.

What really makes MyShape Lipo stand out above the rest, is not only the results that Trevor Schmidt provides to his patients, but MyShape Lipo’s top notch customer service and knowledgable staff. Patients frequently mention that they feel like they are family when they work with the staff at MyShape Lipo.

Patients are not just a number at MyShape Lipo, and they do not just stand for dollar signs. Trevor Schmidt and his staff genuinely want to help! They care about the individuals and want to help give their patients that little extra jump start that they need.

More detailed information regarding MyShape Lipo’s facility and services can be viewed at or you can contact them by phone at 702-818-5476. Any of the medical staff will be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.


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